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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trusting someone can pay big dividends.

It can be tough being a Brand and Product Value Accelerator. Not only can it be difficult making headway with the company I know I can help make a lot of money by accelerating the value of their brand or specific product. I have also found those who may be able to help want know what my idea is before they will offer a partnership deal with me.

I explain to my contact that I will happily give them a residual percentage of whatever I am paid if their contact and my pitch results in a successful outcome. I have suggested to prospective partners that contracts and contingency deal memo agreements make sense and are fair, and will benefit everyone involved. I am also not against having my contact be the pitch person.

One question I was asked once was...What if your idea is really stupid and my connection is appalled I sent you to them? Well, doesn't that mean I lose YOU as a future contact as well? A good sales person has the ability to align with their contact if things go badly and the two of them can stay connected by just piling up on me if my idea was really bad. If the two already know each other, either they have a good laugh over my bad idea, or three of us celebrate success over my idea.

I have placed a lot of historical information on my LinkedIn page to help assuage any doubts a potential contact might have in helping me. However, I am open to letting the sales person pitch to the company as long as I have a contingency deal memo agreement with both the sales person and the company they will be pitching to.

I worked for 15 years in the service of others filming and editing their projects while treating their projects as if they were my own. I then spent 11 years being a caregiver for my own parents. I feel my background is pretty solid and my goal remains to accelerate Brand and Product Value. My experiences over the past 25 years have given me insight into my present day Brand and Product Value Accelerator ideas.

A quick story about business relationships. One time I connected two people in business who subsequently had a falling out. I asked the person who was being benefited by the connection I gave them what had happened. They said it was none of my business. I decided I wouldn't be sharing my connections with that person in the future. I understand what is at stake when someone shares a connection with me, I won't treat them in the manner that I was treated.

Other than keeping my idea confidential until I have some type of contingency agreement that actualizes if my idea is used, my goal is to enrich everyone who helped make the Brand or Product Acceleration go forward. I understand that a business may be reluctant to hear outside ideas because maybe they have already considered the same idea internally, so lets consider a worst case scenario.

I pitch an idea that the company had allegedly previously considered and had decided not to act upon it. What if my presentation actually changes the minds of decision makers within the company? Either my pitch is welcomed, and the mothballed idea is reaccelerated, or it is not, and no change occurs and I am probably not compensated anyways.  

I can't be rewarded unless the company is rewarded, and I am solid with rewarding anyone who helps me make solid contact at a company I want to accelerate a brand or product.

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