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Friday, December 28, 2018

Over Explaining Video screws up Viral Success.

I was afraid this was going to happen. I found a very charming video of a young girl at the kitchen table refusing all kinds of candy and chocolate that is being offered to her. When the video punchline was delivered, it was pretty obvious this would become a viral video.

And while the video did go viral, every listing I saw for the video mentioned the punchline in the title. You Can't do that! You can't put the surprise ending in the title of the video because then it is no longer a surprise ending.


Depending on where the Video link is copied from and where it is being posted, the punchline will reveal itself at least some of the time if it is included in the title of the video. In this instance I saw the punchline when I found the video on Youtube, but in preview mode I can't see the entire title. On Facebook the entire title and punchline appears to be exposed, here on Blogspot the Title appears to trail off before revealing the punchline.

For all of you who want to make or think you have made a viral video, if you have a surprise ending to your video, Don't give it away in the title.

The earliest date I found of this video was on Digg. Check out the title on Digg, maybe this is why it took another month before it went viral? I bet someone took the punchline word out of the title before it went viral. 

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Trend Spotting doesn't always have to Involve Entirely New Things.

I am a Brand and Product Value Accelerator. However, I could also call myself a Trend Spotter who rather than finding out what youth want, instead figures out ways to make existing products have more value and popularity for all ages. Isn't that a form of Trend Spotting as well?

Sometimes people think a marketing innovation idea for a specific, existing product makes me an advertising agency, or a marketer. The difference is a Marketer and an Advertising Agency's job is to make many products look good, whether or not they themselves believe in the product.

As a Brand and Product Value Accelerator, my job is to squeeze all the usefulness out of a product, a product that I already like. In essence, I am trend spotting for existing products, and that truly is a niche market.

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Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Game of What If regarding Domain Name Grabbers and Sellers.

What if someone purchased the Domain Name that you wanted. What if you are kind of irritated because the Domain Name clearly fits with something you want to do or are already doing whereas the Domain Name Purchaser / Seller appears to simply want to make a buck?

What if your rush to anger was premature? What if the Domain Name Purchaser / Seller wants to actually be a working member of your team? That's not such a bad deal if the Domain Name Purchaser / Seller also wants to keep contributing to the success of the Domain Name, is it?

Lets go over the pluses, the Domain Name Buyer / Seller came up with an idea before you did for a product or service you are vested in, which might means they probably have some level of common sense. 

The fact that they want to see the Domain Name succeed and want to be a part of that success, that too is a plus, no?

So the next time someone has grabbed a Domain name that you wanted, and presuming you represent a company or a start-up with room to grow, don't discount the possibility that the Domain Name Buyer / Seller wants to be a part of your team and is vested in the success in the Domain Name in Question.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Game Show Strategies.

As a Product and Brand Value Accelerator, I have studied Game Shows. Games Shows are fascinating for many reasons. Game Shows can have a nice long life in syndication. Even as time goes on Game Shows can become a historical footnote for a certain decade. The longest running games shows, such as Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, seem to have perfected a perfect blend of Host, Skill, and Luck. But there is no one game show formula that automatically works every single time.

One of my skill sets is my ability to understand simple math in a sociological manner. This skill set allows me to watch a game show and assess why the show is successful and also what could have been adjusted to make a show more successful.

I can recall once watching a very popular game show and detecting a flaw in the game aspect of the show. A year or two later the flaw I detected was also detected by the show. They altered the flaw and in my opinion made the show better.

Eventually, most flaws may be detected. Ideally the faster the game show is augmented, the better. I can watch your Game show and I'll probably come up with something that will make the show more audience friendly. 

Some people are good in math, some in science, some in both, some are athletic, some are writers or creators. In essence everyone has a skill set. My skill set is observing a scenario and in some instances coming up with an improved version. I understand that in essence most of my creativity is reliant on the foundational success of what others have already built. For that reason I feel gratitude working with others. I enjoy collaboration and am grateful when opportunities arise where I can enhance or improve a solid concept just a bit more.

Sometimes the rules of Game Show Strategies require thinking about the real world and how a Game Show fits into that real world. A game show formula might generate more excitement while reducing the chances for significant payouts, over time that won't necessarily make for a winning formula. Game Show longevity strategy both during the original show run and then again in syndication require that lower winning amounts can backfire in Syndication if the lower winning amounts occur too often.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trusting someone can pay big dividends.

It can be tough being a Brand and Product Value Accelerator. Not only can it be difficult making headway with the company I know I can help make a lot of money by accelerating the value of their brand or specific product. I have also found those who may be able to help want know what my idea is before they will offer a partnership deal with me.

I explain to my contact that I will happily give them a residual percentage of whatever I am paid if their contact and my pitch results in a successful outcome. I have suggested to prospective partners that contracts and contingency deal memo agreements make sense and are fair, and will benefit everyone involved. I am also not against having my contact be the pitch person.

One question I was asked once was...What if your idea is really stupid and my connection is appalled I sent you to them? Well, doesn't that mean I lose YOU as a future contact as well? A good sales person has the ability to align with their contact if things go badly and the two of them can stay connected by just piling up on me if my idea was really bad. If the two already know each other, either they have a good laugh over my bad idea, or three of us celebrate success over my idea.

I have placed a lot of historical information on my LinkedIn page to help assuage any doubts a potential contact might have in helping me. However, I am open to letting the sales person pitch to the company as long as I have a contingency deal memo agreement with both the sales person and the company they will be pitching to.

I worked for 15 years in the service of others filming and editing their projects while treating their projects as if they were my own. I then spent 11 years being a caregiver for my own parents. I feel my background is pretty solid and my goal remains to accelerate Brand and Product Value. My experiences over the past 25 years have given me insight into my present day Brand and Product Value Accelerator ideas.

A quick story about business relationships. One time I connected two people in business who subsequently had a falling out. I asked the person who was being benefited by the connection I gave them what had happened. They said it was none of my business. I decided I wouldn't be sharing my connections with that person in the future. I understand what is at stake when someone shares a connection with me, I won't treat them in the manner that I was treated.

Other than keeping my idea confidential until I have some type of contingency agreement that actualizes if my idea is used, my goal is to enrich everyone who helped make the Brand or Product Acceleration go forward. I understand that a business may be reluctant to hear outside ideas because maybe they have already considered the same idea internally, so lets consider a worst case scenario.

I pitch an idea that the company had allegedly previously considered and had decided not to act upon it. What if my presentation actually changes the minds of decision makers within the company? Either my pitch is welcomed, and the mothballed idea is reaccelerated, or it is not, and no change occurs and I am probably not compensated anyways.  

I can't be rewarded unless the company is rewarded, and I am solid with rewarding anyone who helps me make solid contact at a company I want to accelerate a brand or product.

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Product Value Acceleration.

Product Value Acceleration means I have discovered a product that I really like and I want to accelerate the value and sales of that specific product by a significant number. This is not an everyday occurrence. There are a lot good of products out there so there has to be something extra special for me to want to contact a company and pitch them on increasing sales of an existing product.

A Company could ironically feel insulted that an outsider claims they can accelerate value and therefore sales. I would hope that a more positive perception prevails. A person with passion found something about a specific product or service that already impressed them, and now wants to accelerate value and sales of the product for the brand. This is usually a good thing.

Sometimes my acceleration idea may not require any new modification to an existing product, other times it might. But what is most important to remember is that most of the tough work has already been done by the company.

Take a moment and relive the invention of the ice cream cone and the ice cream waffle. Neither innovator was trying to insult or show up the Ice cream vendor, rather these two gentlemen came up with a way to accelerate sales of ice cream by adding value.

I have been gifted and cursed in the following way, I am really fast with simple math and I can look at a sports play or a security video and notice something that others may not notice, I call this a gift. On the other hand, I can't do calculus nor do I have the ability to take my two dimensional skills into the world of 3 dimension.

I am a believer that if we are really really talented in one thing, the likelihood that we are below average at other things is great. If I believe I can accelerate product or brand value, it also means I probably did not have the means to come up with the entire concept. Rather, I recognized the brilliance of what was done and by adding my ideas to the existing concept, we all benefit.

Somebody such as myself is almost unemployable. This would explain 15 years running my own Los Angeles Emmy winning videotape editing studio and 11 years as a caregiver for my own parents. My talents and gifts are based on my immersing with the real world. Now I hope to give back to those who I know would benefit from my interacting with their company.

I even have an idea on how to make bowling more popular with both existing bowlers and new bowlers. How am I ever going to get a Bowling related company to not only believe me, but actually give me a contingency deal memo that if my idea works, they will compensate me? I'm not sure, but I am going to try. On that note, if you are an attorney or agent who would like to represent me and who has access to companies I want to reach, I would happily agree to a residual percentage of whatever I am paid.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Welcome to "My Product in Demand".

My name is Alessandro Machi. From time to time I find a product that I like and I want to help expand the demand for that product. Because the product already exists and is owned by a company or corporation, getting inside the company can be a challenge. If I'm knocking on your door its because I believe I can accelerate millions more in revenue for your company.

Increasing revenue can come in many ways. One way is to remove a present day stigma attached to your company. The NFL has a controversy involving the National Anthem and players wanting to kneel. I have a solution to this issue that I would like to present to the NFL.

There may be a product I really like and if I can ascertain a way to accelerate sales, I could be contacting your company. A company could become defensive if an outsider is claiming they can increase their sales. This is understandable. I like to focus on the positive, your company succeeded in making something great, you deserve a bigger reward for that achievement.

I am easy to work with in large part because my goals are the same as the company I want to help, increase the popularity of a specific brand or product that I believe has earned it.

If I contact your company one day, maybe you will have heard about me already and the door to get in will be opened.  

A little bit about me. Since the 80's I have been on the leading edge of technology. I worked for the first company to own a Cray Computer. Talk about a merging of technologies, the Cray Computer was used to create hi quality computer graphics, which where then FILMED via an optical printer, the film downloaded and sent in for processing, then picked up six hours later as a film print that was then viewed on a moviola.

Also In the early 80's I was a film student frequenting first of their kind Video Post Production houses so I could have my first Award Winning Season's Greetings Commercials edited. I also had my KTLA Promo video edited on one inch video. And I had another film blown up from Super-8mm to 16mm. Another project taught me about Paint Box Techniques in a room charging 300 dollars an hour, and some very interesting techniques that are still valid in the present.

In the 90's I launched my own videotape editing studio. I was responsible for every video, audio, and power cord  connection, and I learned the importance of calibration. In 2001 I won a Los Angeles Emmy and my videotape editing studio was directly responsible for over 24 IMDB credits. I closed my video editing business in 2007 so I could become  a caregiver for both of my parents.

The collective of all of my experiences, which basically was in the service of others while doing what I loved to do, has placed me in a unique situation where I can help certain companies by accelerating the value of some of their products or brands, because I am in contact with their products.

You can get a bit more detail about my work history here.